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MAC Constructions Services

Heavy Industrial

Our heavy industrial constructions encompasses, building of huge industrial facilities like power plants, refineries, nuclear plants, mines etc. all of which contribute to the everyday comforts.


Commercial Construction

Our experience in high quality commercial projects for blue chip companies has equipped us with the skills to provide Value Engineering services, thereby transferring savings to our clients.


Road Construction

Our projects involve the construction of asphaltic and surface dressed roads, the expansion and rehabilitation of existing roads, infrastructure projects and airport runways in various.



Our services can cover a wide range of projects such as: Educational Facilities, Hospitals ,Medical Offices ,Wellness Facilities ,Health Care Facilities ,Athletic Facilities etc.



MAC Construction Inc., experience encompasses construction, replacement and repair of bridges and other highway structures.


Distribution of Natural Gemstones

Since Year 2000 we have offered a wide range of gemstones for both jewellers and for collectors. We personally select and purchase rough and cut stones in Bangkok as well as in Myanmar (Burma), India, South Africa and Pakistan. Our speciality is careful cutting.



Mac constructions is founded by Stephen Bennett, Founded in 2000, in Ostend Belgium. MAC Incorporation is one of vision and pragmatism and perseverance. Today, about 24 years in the construction world. we can say we are one of the most developing private construction company with construction business operations across the world.